Deepak Reddy J

I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer and this is my personal website where I write all about my work. I also write about the things I learn, the projects I work on, and the things I do for fun. This page is arranged in a way that you can get to know me better by reading from top to bottom.

Just to clarify a few things:

  • I prefer to use the term "I" instead of "we" because I am the only one who writes all of this.
  • There is no connection between my name (Deepak) and the website's domain name (Console Logs). I had that domain lying around and I thought why not use it for my personal website?
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Timezone: IST (Indian Standard Time) GMT/UTC +5:30
  • From: Hyderbad, India, Asia, Earth, Milkyway Galaxy


I have over 7+ years of diverse software engineering experience, including a focus on building modern web applications using Typescript and React frameworks for the past 3+ years as a Full Stack Software Developer.

Co-founded a company and built a successful open-source e-commerce platform called Circuit Parts (more on this in a bit) that addresses a challenge faced by the hardware engineering community.

I'm passionate to learn new technologies and always eager to leverage my skills on a new challenge. Currently, I'm learning Ruby on Rails. πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’»

I play cricket on my free time and I'm a big fan of Mr. Bean and Max Verstappen. Favourite books - The Martian, Project Hail Marry.


I'm passionate about learning new stuff. More than anything, I want to create a lot of stuff. I want to create websites, apps, hardware, systems, and especially work on new ideas and things that are useful, beautiful, and fun.


βœ… Javascript, Typescript

βœ… React, Next.js, Tailwind, React-Redux

βœ… PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Prisma ORM, Supabase

βœ… AWS S3, Redis Caching

βœ… Git Version Control, Vercel CI/CD

βœ… Stripe Payment Processor

βœ… Playwright E2E Testing

βœ… RESTful APIs

βœ… Monorepo, npm, pnpm, Node.js

βœ… Open-source project maintainer

🫣 Ruby on Rails (Coming Soon - Working on a project with RoR as backend)

Here is some info about my biggest and most challenging work as of date:

Built a company to solve a challenge I faced!

I got the idea to build a platform called Circuit Parts from a pain point I experienced in my previous job working for a company as an Embedded Systems Engineer where I had to work on many projects that required a lot of Electronic Components and Printed Circuit Boards. We ordered those parts from many different websites which was very time-consuming and tedious process. Not to forget each website had its own interface and login. I thought to myself: πŸ€”

"Why isn't there a single platform where I can order all electronic components and printed circuit boards I need and let the platform handle the sourcing and logistics for me?"

Hello World, Circuit Parts

I quit my previous job and started working on this project. I had to build the features for this project real quick because of an interesting reason.

You see, Hardware engineers typically work on projects with long cycles. Designing, building, and testing prototypes can take several months. Since I was trying to build a novel solution, each and every feedback mattered. This means, the next time when someone is around trying to make a purchase electronic components or ordering a printed circuit boards, I had to be ready with new features and improvements in place.

Biggest Challenge building Circuit Parts?

My Biggest Challenge was building and running the entire business myself. I designed the UI/UX, wrote every single line of code, handled operations, marketing, sales, and customer support. It was like doing several full-time jobs all at once.

Circuit Parts now

Circuit Parts has come a long way since its launch three years ago. The code base and functionality has been improved a lot and processes over 25+ orders a month as of today. You can checkout the platform at

Recently I decided to open source the code for circuit parts. You can read about that here - Why Open Source?

Here is the link to Circuit Parts Github Repository

For the most part, I've automated the admin side of Circuit Parts. Once an order comes in, the system automatically selects a distributor, places the order using their API, and updates the customer on the order status in real-time. Although it’s a lot of work but I did it so I can focus on new challenges.

Uff! That was a lot of information about a single project? But trust me that's the most important project that taught me a lot.

Why apply for a job now?

You see, I've spent a lot of time promoting this business (circuit parts). I've tried every marketing approach, networking, pitching and pushing. It always felt like an uphill battle trying to open locked or slamming doors. I made progress but with massive effort. What I realised over time was I'm good at building things but I'm not good at marketing and sales. Now that the platform has reached stability, I've decided to delegate the marketing, sales and operations of the business to more capable hands. This frees me up to work on what I'm passionate about.

So hit me up if you think you have just the right challenge for me to work on! Use any of my social channels to reach out to me. I'm all ears!